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LED facial mask OPERA

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Emitting light into the face and the neck with galvanic currents.   

Opera is a comprehensive skin care mask equipped with low-power LED, galvanic
current and oxygen therapy. The ergonomic design enables to get intensive energy by
contact closer to the skin. It is a device whereby energy efficiency and safety have been

Low Level Light + Galvanic Current + O2 Generator (option)

Existing high-power LED beam therapy sometimes may occur problems such as excessive glare and a low-temperature burn in order to reduce the loss of output due to the distance to the skin.
On the other hands, OPERA mask can deliver the more energy per area (as it is face shaped) by irradiating low-power beam rays to the skin effectively and closely


- Lightweight and compact to move easily
- Low cost comparing to the high-power LED device existing
- High energy efficiency
- No worry about the side effects
- Ergonomic Design: enables to get enough light on the facial rectangular area and neck

Opration Mode 

 1. 630nm + 830nm :     Collagenesis , Skin Rejuvenation, laser & RF postcare

 2. 415nm + 830nm :  Acne, Antimicrobial effect

 3. 415nm + 630nm + 830nm : Wound healing, Blood circulation, Anti-inflammatory

+ GALVANIC CURRENT : Removing wastes, the active ingredient penetration (using a mask pack)

Phototherapy is described as LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy)
Photon of LED light source is absorbed to the chromophore in tissue and photo-acceptor and promotes the metabolic activity of the cells. 

Helps in cell regeneration and rehabilitation by metabolic activity of the cells.

 Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and suppresses wrinkles so the skin is moisturized and elastic.

 A specific wavelength range stimulates mitochondrial and ATP: promotes blood circulation, the body's immune
system, pain relief, cell proliferation, facilitate the creation and extension of the anti-aging enzyme.


 mode 1 : 630nm + 830nm                                          

(Skin Rejuvenation /Postcare/Pain Relief/Blood Circulation,Wound Healing)

   1.Photobiomodulation enhances cell proliferation against the bacteria that may cause disease in the blood or other tissues.

   2. Pain relieving effect by leading lymphocyte ATP synthesis.

   3. Improve cellular immune function and viability strongly from disease.


  mode 2 : 415nm + 830nm                                           

 (Acne, Antimicrobial Effect, Wound healing, Skin Rejuvenation, Blood circulation)  

      1. Porphyrins in the body absorbs 415nm wavelength and makes singlet oxygen which destroys the bacteria creating acne.

     2. 830nm to stimulate the cells to replace the dead cells due to the skin penetration of 1.5-2mm and works for effective wrinkle improvement.


  mode 3 : 415nm + 630nm + 830nm   complex care            

 (Acne, Antimicrobial Effect, Wound healing, Skin Rejuvenation, Pain Relief, Blood circulation)  

   1. Combination of Red and Blue LED phototherapy is used for general acne treatment.

      34.28% of the non-purulent acne has improved, and 77.93% purulent acne has improved.                                  No pain and safe.

   2. Works for red pimple trail, scar and skin around the eye where is difficult to improve by blood circulation improve.

   3. Promotion of cell metabolism - activates fibroblasts which produces mitochondria and collagen.

   4. Absorption synergy of various solution and cosmetics.



    Hydrogel mask pack with active ingredients (the optional)                               

      * 10sheets of hydrogel mask pack are included.

   1.Galvanic current discharges waste in the skin by an electrical action and penetrates the active ingredient of the hydrogel mask to make skin nutritional condition well-balanced.


    O2 GENERATOR(the optional): 

    Supplying a high concentration of oxygen to the face                             


     1.Supplying fresh, uncontaminated oxygen gives nutrition and vitality to the skin cells at the same time prevents the death of cells due to aging.

      2.Rich oxygen makes a waste of the cell into a carbon dioxide gas and enables to maintain a healthy skin by discharging the waste out of the body.














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