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  • Size380 * 400 * 1320 mm
  • Weight43 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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The Adipo-7000 is a Radio Frequency (RF) aesthetic device for skin tightening, body contouring and innovative treatment of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. This safe and cost effective treatment enables you to offer a range of advanced anti-aging solutions without any discomfort to your clients.
The synergy of two outstanding functions, Metabolize Subcutaneous Fat ( MSF) and Metabolize Visceral Fat (MVF) delivers heat to deep dermal tissue without damaging the epidermis. This deep heat will melt fat, tighten tissue and stimulate collagen production.


Generally conventional devices use high heat ( 65˚ C or more) for contraction of collagen. Their application is limited to skin tightening. But Adipo-7000 uses low tissue heat between 39-42 ˚ C. The applications are bleow.





A.  Tighten the jaw line, reduce jowls, recontours chin line, and reduce eyes under bag.

B.  Smooth the orange peel look, tighten loosen skin and recontours body measurement
C.  Firm the breast, tighten loosen skin under the arms or on stomach.
D.  A non-surgical for obesity and liposuction treatment.
E.  Excellent for pain relief and increased healing recovery.


Conventional liposuction is the invasive cosmetic plastic surgical procedure to remove pockets of fat that has not responded to diet and exercise. Also, Invasive liposuction was not intended as a means for weight loss or obesity treatment. Adipo Noninvasive RFAL system provides all the advantages of a deep thermal increase to remove subcutaneous fat (cellulite) ,visceral fat at the same time including weigh loss and obesity treatment. This procedure has no downtime, side effect and maintenance.


Who is a good RFAL(Radio Frequency-Assisted Lipoplasty) candidate?

1. An individual who has already tried diet and exercise but have problem areas of excess fat in
   specific areas, such as hips and buttocks, thighs, inner knee, back, abdomen, upper arms, cheeks,
   jowls, breast/chest area, and waist. 
2. People who don’t want to undergo invasive liposuction surgery.
3. Obesity patient who is abnormal weigh range (BMI over 25) 4. People who had a liposuction
   surgery and need maintenance



 The treatment procedure is like thermal therapeutic massage which is very comfortable to patient and operator. No anesthetic material. No contradictions. During the treatment procedure many people feel little or no sensation at all. Some people feel a tingling or warm sensation under the applicator or electrodes. This feeling usually decreases or disappears after a few hours as the person becomes used to the sensation. The sensation can vary depending upon the site being treated.


Depending on the individual’s amount of fat the number of sessions are vary. The physician will evaluate before and during the treatment. Based on clinical study total amount of fats removed per 10 treatments is about 3000 CC. The physician will decide additional sessions after 10 treatments. One treatment takes about 50 minutes and twice a week is recommended


Every treatment procedure has risks and RFAL is no different, but according to our clinical study RFAL is the safest and effective method of removing localized fat areas among all Lipoplastytechnologies so far.


RFAL does not need any recovery period or heal


Every liposuction surgery has no guarantee that the fat comes back unless the patient controls food habit and exercise. If the conventional liposuction patient gains weight the entire body will distribute the fat because the treated area no longer has the same capacity to store additional fat because a large portion of the fat cells were removed. When RFAL patient gains weight the fat comes back to the same area that fats were removed because fat cell did not destroyed. It means it is much easier to maintain the fat in case you need additional RFAL Lipoplasty.





◑ Power : AC220V/60Hz, Max 300W , AC110V 60Hz
◑ Output Voltage : AC500 ~ 1000V
◑ Output Frequency : 0.5Mhz
◑ Net Weight : 43Kg
◑ Size : 38 X 40 X 132 Cm





- Body
- 40mm Holder
- 50mm Holder
- 70mm Holder
- Electrode pad ( 14 X 24 X 0.12mm)





SSV Melting procedure
It loosens the combination of fat cells and releases them through effective combustion. As a result, you can experience maximized effects of the non-surgical correction of your body shape with its regenerating effects of skin elasticity because it decreases cellulite.
☞ SSV Melting surgical procedure includes injecting medicine through
Adipo and topical anesthetic injections.

Adipo Fat killing procedure
It increases blood flow, the circulation of lymph, and metabolism by raising temperature of deep heat. In this process, you can experience the effects of fat combustion, the decrease of cellulite, and the regeneration of your skin.
Adipo  procedure through Radio-Frequency

You can effectively manage or control your obesity through its osmosis and effect of storing medicine.
☞ H2PL injects
adipolysis medicines and emits them with laser treatment.
☞ Fat Cell killing Injections

With a simple procedure, it stimulates
lipometabolism and adipolysis on the body part you want in order to decrease the amount of your fat and provide you satisfying results. Adipolysis Injections Adipolysis Injections are the most widely used methods in the world. By using adipolysis medicines and injecting them in the body part you want, you can get effects of it not only for your abdomen, but also for your arms and thighs. 



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