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S-CO2 Fractional Laser ( Perineal Laser)

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S-CO2 system is a Fractional CO2 Laser system and one of the most technically advanced lasers available combining innovative design with uncompromising performance.


This laser system has a unique ultra pulse mode that allows operators to adjust the pulse width and interval, ensuring a wide variety of surgical applications is possible.


Advantages include:


Precise tissue vaporisation and coagulation

•Improved surgical visibility and inherent sterilisation

•Excellent haemostatic with generally no dressing required

•Reduced surgical time and minimal postoperative discomfort

•Precise surgery with minimal damage to tissue

•Minimal necrosis adjacent to the target





How Fraxtional CO2 works


 S-CO2 simultaneously treats the epidermis for pigmentation and fine lines. Additionally, the dermis for skin tightening, acne scars, deeper wrinkles and enlarged pores. The overall skin texture and the tone is improved. It is safe with a low pain level and can be used to treat the face, neck, chest, hand and arms.


S-CO2 produces arrays of micro-ablative zones, eliminating discolorations at the epidermis, while sparing the tissues surrounding each ablative zone. At specific depth of dermis, the deeper micro-thermal zones cause immediate collagen contraction, and long-term collagen remodelling. During each treatment only 6-20% of the whole treatment area is ablated with 80-94% of tissue remaining intact and acting as a natural supporting bandage. As a result downtime is minimal and healing is fast.


Depending on the applied energy level (energy, distance, degree), string thermal effect takes place in volumetric area depth from 100 to 1000 microns. 



Previously, the method of Perineal rejuvenation surgery just to restore the shape, size outside, and do not really narrowed status perineal canal widening, loose, so the couple are still living not improved most satisfactorily. Today, cosmetic scientists have successfully studied perineal rejuvenation completely. This is the optimal method of connecting the elastic function of the perineal side  together to help women regain confidence and reduce the risk of infection.

Just take 20 minutes to complete, without surgery, no sew, no bleeding and completely painless. Through technical
photothermal effect creating process stimulates collagen synthesis mucosa will shrink both sides of the perineal side, firming, software tissue damage from the inside out, the whole structure of the overall perineal improved markedly. Also laser beauty also has function to make the labia pink white, his lips, reduce wrinkles, improve perineal dryness help women feel "closed area" back as the time remaining girl.

Only 3 days after implementation, you can regain confidence in "conversation spouse" and can protect their health better.




Perineal rejuvenation technology
with S-Co2 has advanced technology newest rejuvenation completely without surgery. With this method only a 20-minute car implement, not require surgery, noninvasive, bloodless and painless, suitable for women who are afraid of pain, or no downtime abstinence. Technology has actual testing and certification for safety and effectiveness by the FDA.



Various functions 


Normal mode:  

Performing operation, removing mole, wart and tumor. 


Fractional mode: 

Esthetic purpose, acne scar, pore, wrinkle, laser peeling, perineal whitening 

Skin/Perineal texture improvement.


Beauty pulse mode:  

Perineal rejuvenation, increasing perineal elasticity 

Treating colpoxerosis, urinary incontinence.




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